About us

Remlo Cosmetics is a personal body care company, specializing in niche Skin care products, Sun protection and Fragrances inspired by the worlds leading brands but cultured to specifically satisfy the African pallet.

Our body care products are full of character, catchy to the eye and a pleasant to your skin. . Each product is crafted from superior organic ingredients, studied with scientific precision.

We take pride in listening to our clients and delivering on their expectations whilst respecting the environment. Every formulation is rigorously tested to guarantee its properties and efficacy

Our mission

To provide the customer with a unique product pallet for the whole body.                                                                          We will continuously offer better solutions to combat common skin challenges on the African continent, like Hyper pigmentation, Acne, Sun burn and dryness of skin to indulge even the most demanding customers‘ taste and high expectations

Our vision

To become the fastest growing Skincare company in South Africa. In competing world full of options and products, Remlo Cosmetics stands out as the company that first listens to customer needs then delivers on its customers expectations 

Our team Leader

Remofilwe Lekgoane picture

Remofilwe Lekgoane

Managing Director

Remofilwe is the owner of Remlo Cosmetics. She has vast experience in the business world have dabbled her hands in various successful enterprises. She shares a passion for beauty and a love for people. The motivation behind Remlo Cosmetics is to restore confidence of African women hiding behind makeup, concealing their hyper pigmentation, acne scars and black spots. 

Remofilwe's vision is to give every woman a radiant natural glowing, even tone skin. After all, a woman whose skin looks good, and smells good, fells good!

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